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CBPT Transformation – Ady and Tracie

This is what Ady and Tracie achieved.

“Outstanding couples transformation from Ady and his wife Tracie! ⁣
⁣Under my guidance they’ve worked together as a team to successfully change their dietary, lifestyle and training habits, and in only 14 weeks they’ve both completely transformed their physiques. ⁣
I couldn’t be more impressed with them. ⁣
⁣Well done! ☺️ @ady_stead @tracielouise18⁣”
⁣⁣‘’Just wanted to say I never ever thought I would ever look like this girl. I am the lightest I’ve ever been in my adult life not only that I no longer see food as the enemy, who knew all I needed was abit of structure in my life! So thank you!’’⁣ – Tracie⁣⁣

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