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Personal Training

Reasons for wanting a personal trainer will vary from fat loss for a completely new you, trimming down and toning up for a special occasion, improvement in body composition or the desire to get fit.

Common fears

There are many reasons why people are reluctant to commit to personal training. You might be worried that:

  • It will turn out to be a waste of time.
  • You cannot cope with the physical activity.
  • You might be embarrassed about your size.
  • Previous ‘crash diets’ have led to disappointing long term results.
  • The gym environment will be intimidating.

It is my job to help you deal with these anxieties and I have done so successfully with many clients, of all ages, sizes and different physical abilities. I will help you deal with any pre-conceived ideas you have about training and its value, it is my job to help you lose weight and feel better about yourself.

Craig Barton

My services include:

  • Quick and sustainable fat loss
  • Functional blood chemistry analysis
  • Muscle size and strength
  • Health improvement plan – focusing on nutritional deficiencies, hormonal issues, sleep, stress, gut health, energy, mood and any other complaints
  • Bodybuilding, physique and bikini competition prep
  • Photoshoot prep
  • Improvement in sports and athletic performance
  • A FREE initial 15min phone consultation
  • CBPT hoodies and T-shirts
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