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CBPT Transformation – Cathryn

This is what Cathryn achieved.

  • Body fat lost – 22lbs
  • Body fat reduced from 30.7% to 19.2

“Being ‘Fitter in your Forties’ is something many women simply believe is not possible.  I could explain in my own way why I know this is not the case, but I think Cathryn does it so much better….”

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When I started my journey with Craig back in December I was nervous, had no confidence in my ability and was addicted to rushing about, eating peanut m & m’s and being a general slummy mummy. The fact that when he shook my hand to welcome me and nearly crushed it with his strength only heightened my anxiety. I think I have been the only person to thrust my emergency contact details at him in case I had a heart attack…and that was only in the nutritional advice session!. 

However the last four months have been a really exciting unfolding of confidence, weight loss and toning up. He hasn’t screamed in my face or bullied my muscles into doing things they shouldn’t. Through good teaching, encouragement and the odd disappointed face when I’ve had a Kentucky Fried chicken…..I have made rapid progress. I’ve gone from fearing exercise and giving up really easily to wanting to finish and being bolder about the challenges he sets me.

The other day, as I looked at my “new “self in the mirror I truly started to believe (A bit like Davina McCall) I could possibly be fitter in my forties than I was in my twenties. For this life long benefit I am truly grateful. If you are like me and want to change but are scared to do so- spend 3 months with Craig. It will only bring you a successful result. (And I did cheat a bit sometimes….!)  To coin a phrase from the man himself  “Thanks Kiddo”. From the bottom of my heart. 

Cathryn worked hard and the results show. Her body fat went from 30.7% to 19.9% and weight from to 56.8kg. It was a pleasure training Cathryn and I am delighted with her results both aesthetically and emotionally.

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