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CBPT Transformation – Chloe

This is what Chloe has achieved.

Incredible transformation from Chloe!
She’s almost unrecognisable in her first photos, working with her is an absolute pleasure, she has an amazing attitude and I couldn’t be more proud of the journey we’ve been on together. Well done!
‘’We’re going to call this chapter of my life, Team CBPT take 2: Leaner, Confident, Happier & Healthier
I worked with Craig back in 2016-2017 before an unfortunate turn of events left me incapable of continuing my journey physically. Fast forward to January 2021 when I decided to contact Craig in order to lose some weight, I never thought for a second having my fat pinched would result in not only changing my bad habits but changing my whole life. Craig isn’t just a PT, he’s been my support, my confidant, my therapist & my friend. He’s been so patient with me, tailored a plan that’s simple to stick to & made every training session & check in full of laughter & fun!
It may have still taken until July to rid me of anxiety & gaining confidence to step BACK into a gym but we got there, we got that consistency & smashed my goal.
This version of me is the most confident I’ve ever been with my body & mind, I couldn’t have achieved this without you, Craig!
Thank you for changing my world’’
Start weight 83.6kg
Current weight 58.7kg
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