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CBPT Transformation – Chris

This is what Chris achieved.

‘’Having waited for 18 months to have a hernia removed, plus a further 6 months post surgery recovery, I was about to enter my 30’s in the worst shape I’d ever been.
I’ve had a fragile appetite since I was a child and as an adult I still struggled to eat the volume of food necessary to gaining any real weight (contrary to popular belief, this is not a gift!).
Craig is a real professional with an endless wealth of knowledge and experience. He was empathetic to my cause and his routine check ins allowed us to create a realistic nutrion plan, so I could build myself up to the required calorie intake without being overwhelmed and ultimately achieve my goal.
I cannot recommend Craig enough – if you want it, he will get you there!’’
Whilst I oversaw the process and covered Chris’s nutrition and accountability, these results could not have been achieved without the regular expert training he received from @leonjames_pt
Chris both me and Leon are really proud of you for what you have achieved here; your willingness to push yourself in the gym combined with your dietary adherence has led to your constant progression and an astounding 8kg of quality lean mass gained!
Well done!
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