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CBPT Transformation – Ella

This is what Ella achieved in 11 weeks.

“I’ve struggled over the years to find my rhythm, never lacked motivation but just the right mindset and knowledge. I knew what my body was capable of having trained for and ran a marathon last year but, for me, this was more about fitness and setting myself a goal, rather than strength or losing weight (and I actually put weight on in the process!)
I started my transformation with Craig 11 weeks ago, knowing I wanted to feel my most confident self by June when I get married. My aim for the next 11 weeks is to get stronger, so I feel my absolute best on the day. I’m already feeling great, so I can’t wait to see what I can achieve in the coming weeks – big thanks to Craig for giving me the knowledge and tools to be able to smash my goals and for changing my mindset!’’
Ella has significantly increased her strength, her confidence and lost 12kg in the process, amazing work! Well done!
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