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CBPT Transformation – Jim

This is what Jim achieved in 12 weeks.

“12 weeks ago, I decided to undergo a body transformation. I knew it wouldn’t be easy and that I would need help staying on the path. Like so many other average people who attempt such a challenge, the biggest hurdle they’ll face is staying committed to it especially if it takes time to achieve.
A challenge like this definitely requires a new way of thinking and when you are starting out for the first time, you will need advice, as well as help staying accountable, and focused. I’m grateful to @Craigbarton_coach for being my guide, encouraging, and keeping me accountable. His help definitely made it easier.
In the 12 week period, I went from 85.3kg (188lbs) to 75.9kg (167lbs), my waist went from 35.5” to 31.0” and I greatly reduced my bodyfat percentage while preserving my lean mass. All in all, not bad for a 41yo guy.’’
Amazing work
It’s an absolute pleasure working with you.
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