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CBPT Transformation – Lee

This is what Lee achieved in 8 weeks.

Lee’s 8 Week Transformation
Having the opportunity to work with clients like Lee is a strong reminder of how lucky I am to do the job that I do.
To say that 2020 was a ‘tough year’ for him is a gross understatement. He’s overcome all potential barriers and shown tremendous drive and focus, the work we’ve done together in such a short space of time fills me with both pride and admiration! Well done!
‘’2020 was a tough year for me physically, broken bones and missing fingers. I came to see Craig earlier this year to rebuild my fitness,strength and confidence. I initially said to him what do you think I could achieve in a year and he laughed. After seeing today’s progress pictures, we were both laughing. I’ve exceeded all my expectations in such a short time, Craig pushed me out of my comfort zone and helped me totally transform myself. Mentally and physically I’ve never been this strong. Craig knows his stuff, I couldn’t of done this without his help!’’
In the next 8 week phase we’ll be continuing to focus on increasing lean mass whilst maintaining body fat 💪
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