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CBPT Transformation – Katy

This is what Katy achieved.

Superb Transformation from my client Katy 10kg down and looking great!⁣

‘’I don’t usually share things to do with me as I’ve always battled a weight problem, I don’t have the perfect body everyone sees in a magazine. My body has carried 3 healthy babies and I have stretch marks but do you know what I love them, I love the scars my babies left me to remind me how amazing my body was to carry them. I’m proud of myself for what I’ve achieved! I hope my photos inspire people to get in contact with Craig. It’s doable with the encouragement from a great man. ⁣
Craig has been a friend and counsellor and an inspiration. He has been there for me supporting me through my journey so far, I can not thank you enough for everything Craig. Half way to where I want to be so you are stuck with me for a bit longer’’⁣

Well done Katy, very proud!

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