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New Videos added to Exercise Library

By 13 September , 2019December 23rd, 2019Exercise Tips

I’ve added some brand new videos to my exercise library. Check them out here:

Exercise Library

These videos are designed to show you how to execute the various exercises listed in your training programme.

The full list of exercises currently in the library are:

  • Incline Cable Pullover with Seatbelt
  • Single Arm Lat Pulldown
  • DB SA Side Lying Lateral Raise
  • 45 Degree Glute Ham Raise
  • Cable Dual Kickback
  • DB SA Row Standing W/ Bench Support
  • DB Anterior – Lat Raise Over 60 Degree Bench
  • Cable Anterior Raise W/ Bench Support
  • 180KG BB Squat
  • 50KG DB Shoulder Press
  • Straight Arm Lat Pull Down
  • Cable Dual Side Lateral Raise
  • BB Bent Over Row
  • DB Dual Row Over Incline Bench
  • Smith Machine Donkey Kick
  • Cable Tricep Press Down
  • DB Spider Curl
  • Cable Dual Lat Pulldown
  • DB Romanian Deadlift (RDL)
  • Seated DB Bicep Curl
  • Parallel Grip Lat Pulldown