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Breakfast – the least important meal of the day?

By 16 October , 2018November 22nd, 2018Breakfast, Fat Loss, Nutrition

It has often been taught that breakfast is the most important meal of the day, for everything from health, fat loss and concentration, and we shouldn’t skip it. I don’t believe that is necessarily the case, in fact, for some people I believe the opposite might be true.

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Some people have a big appetite in the morning and should definitely eat breakfast, others however don’t have much of an appetite first thing and often find themselves forcing something quick and easy down because they’ve been told how important eating breakfast is.

How skipping breakfast can aid fat loss.

When we first wake in a fasted state we have a great fat burning opportunity, insulin is low (in healthy individuals), cortisol and adrenaline are usually higher and this creates a perfect fat burning environment.

Skipping breakfast will not cause your metabolism to drop, your muscles to shrink or have negative effects on your health, in fact fasting could actually be beneficial to your health!

Personal experience

Personally I don’t eat my first meal most days until around 11am, I ensure this meal contains a good serving of protein and quality fats.
My recommendation is to eat your first meal as soon as you’re hungry, whether that’s at 6am or 12pm.

Importance of protein

Try to ensure your first meal contains a good amount of protein as this will promote satiety and help keep blood sugar stable. I prefer to avoid processed cereals at this time as they can spike blood sugar quickly often resulting in a drop in blood sugar later which can cause further cravings and dips in energy.

My favourite breakfasts include:
  • Sirloin steak and almonds
  • Turkey breast and avocado
  • Wild salmon fillet, eggs and rocket

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