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3 Reasons why Bread is your Enemy!

By 15 February , 2016Diet, Nutrition, Uncategorized

# 1 Insulin spikes.

Whether it is white or brown, eating bread causes a rapid rise in blood sugar which causes a corresponding spike in insulin. Insulin’s role is to lower potentially dangerous increases in blood sugar levels and to dissipate the sugar into the tissues. Continual spikes in insulin can lead to insulin resistance which means the body will favour storing the sugar as fat rather than sending it to the muscles for use as an energy source.

“Fat can’t be burnt in the presence of insulin so if you add bread to a meal expect potential fat burning to be switched off for a while. Bread = anti burn”

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# 2 Contains Gluten

We all know bread is very high in gluten. Gluten is a protein found in certain grains, namely wheat, which many believe (including me) that the human gut can not effectively break down. The consumption of foods we cannot tolerate leads to inflammation and damage to the gut wall.

Constant damage over time causes unnecessary stress on the body leading to many health implications such as chronic inflammation. Inflammation is known to cause disease but can also lead to unwanted fat gain.


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#3 Often consumed with fat or more sugar.

What do you usually eat bread with? Unless you are eating it with salad leaves, you are probably combining it with either fat or more sugar. 

“Combining fat with carbohydrates is a recipe for a fat storage meal!”

Fats that are often combined with bread include butter, mayonaise, margarine, cheese and fatty meats. The bread causes the insulin spike and the fat brings the calorie load. If you want to lose body fat, avoid combining fat and carbohydrates in the same meal.


Frequently asked questions:

Q:Is whole-grain bread OK?

A:No – it still contains wheat and gluten

Q: Is Gluten free bread OK?

A: I don’t advise it as this variety of bread is still high in carbs and often contains other inflammatory ingredients such as grains and legumes.

Q: Is it OK to cut out a food group completely.

A: Bread is not a food group and contains no nutrients that cannot be sourced from other areas of a healthy diet.

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If your aim is to be lean and healthy, it is my recommendation that you avoid bread and wheat completely. Occasional consumption shouldn’t be a big issue but everyday consumption as most of us do is to be avoided.


We now know that bread and wheat consumption will lead to fat storage so try alternatives such as Homemade Protein Bread (post workout), Quinoa Rice Cakes, Gluten free Oat Cakes, Romain Lettuce wraps, Courgette Spaghetti and whole grain rice.  For more recipe ideas visit here.

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