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Benefits of Sauna Therapy

By 13 December , 2018December 15th, 2018Sauna Therapy, Tips, Uncategorized

Sauna or heat therapy may induce a stress- adaptation response that causes hormetic changes in the body, this adaptation can lead to a huge number of health benefits that sauna therapy is associated with.

Benefits include:

Improvements in cardiovascular disease
Pain relief
Stress relief/ enhanced relaxation
Improved sleep
Increased detoxification of certain chemicals
Reduced blood pressure
Improved lipids (lower Total cholesterol and LDL)
Decreased fasting glucose
Enhanced antioxidant activity (due to short term generation of free radicals)
 Regular sauna therapy is associated with longevity


Highly recommend…

For these reasons I’m a BIG fan of sauna therapy and include it in my recommendations to all of my clients who have access to one.
In regards to protocol and timing, I usually recommend 15 – 20 mins sauna after workouts followed by a cold shower although I have no literature to support this. On non training days 3 x 15 minutes intervals (with cold showers in between) should also be beneficial.

Please note…

⭐️ It is worth noting that exercise and fasting also provide acute stressors which can lead to a healthy adaptive response, so the combination of exercise, structured fasts and sauna therapy seems like a possible winner for promoting health and longevity.

?‍⚕️ Always ensure adequate hydration when using saunas and consult with your GP before using them if you have any health complaints that could possibly be made worse by heat therapy