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Bikini ready legs: Biosignature modulation

This week I will be explaining why you might store fat on your thighs and bum and provide you with a strategy to achieve legs ready for the summer!

A high proportion of females struggle to lose stubborn fat on their thighs and bottom, after trying numerous weight loss strategies many women are often dissatisfied with the appearance of this area and become increasingly frustrated with a lack of results.

Firstly you need to understand what causes fat storage on the bum and thighs? Fat storage on the lower body is usually caused by the hormone oestrogen. Oestrogen is known as the female sex hormone and has many important roles to play in the human body. Although oestrogen is crucial for a healthy female menstrual cycle, an excess of this hormone, or an inability to clear it from the body properly, can cause disruption and potential side effects, one of these being fat storage! My strategy on how to combat this will follow later in the week.

Body fat distribution is best analysed through Biosignature modulation, to find out about this service please visit my Biosignature modulation page.

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