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No Carb, Low Carb. Dispelling the myths.

1. No carb is dangerous and bad for kidneys…….

 There is no evidence to support no carb being bad for kidneys, a state of ketosis is perfectly healthy for the body to maintain and a high protein diet will not damage the kidneys or add excess stress to them. Those with compromised kidney function should always consult their healthcare practitioner before making dietary changes.

2. You need carbs for energy so you cannot cut them out……

 The body will very happily use fat as an energy source and if necessary can convert protein to glucose (gluconeogenesis) for energy. The human body cannot survive very long without dietary protein or fat, however we do not need carbohydrates to live. Once the body has become efficient at metabolising fat for energy, your daily energy levels will go through the roof!

3. How can a diet high in fats be OK or good for you?

Dietary Fat is crucial for survival and has many roles to play in the human body. There is no plausible link between increased fat intake and risk of heart disease, in fact certain fats have been shown to support the cardiovascular system.Natural fats are not bad, however man-made ‘trans fats’ are unhealthy and these should always be avoided. A high carbohydrate diet is far more likely to put you at risk of all chronic diseases then fat ever was.

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