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Eat Meat, Lose Fat!

By 25 March , 2013Diet, Uncategorized

Diet tip of the day!

Eat meat, lose fat! Increasing your protein intake will facilitate significant fat loss… Protein requires a lot of energy to be broken down and digested, in fact 30% of the calories you consume from protein will be used just to digest it! So the more you eat the more you burn!

Protein speeds up metabolism, alongside well structured exercise eating protein will facilitate lean muscle increase which speeds up metabolism and increases how much fat you burn on a daily basis, just 2.5kg more lean muscle will mean you burn almost
1000 kcal’s extra a week!

Protein makes you feel fuller for longer, eating protein rich foods such as meat, fish and eggs delays gastric emptying, so you feel fuller for longer and less likely to crave high carb fat storing foods!

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