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Most underrated fat loss supplement?….. Fibre!

Fibre ain’t sexy and  it ain’t cool but it’s got to be the most underrated fat loss tool around! With busy lifestyles it is often difficult to take in sufficient dietary fibre, ideally we need about 25g a day but the average Brit is only consuming less than 10g!

Having a fibre supplement such as ground flaxseed or carrot fibre before meals will delay gastric emptying, this means you’ll feel fuller for longer after meals, you’ll want to eat less of the bad stuff and you’ll have fewer carb cravings throughout the day.

Fibre is also an important part of the detoxification process, it takes hold of unwanted chemicals in the gut and clears them from the body. If toxins and hormones, such as oestrogen, aren’t being cleared effectively from the gut they are reabsorbed  into the body. Excess toxins and oestrogen promote fat storage by inhibiting the conversion of thyroid hormone causing a reduction in the metabolic rate, adequate fibre intake will help prevent this! If this wasn’t enough,  oestrogen promotes fat storage around the hips and thighs so for those women who are ‘pear’ shaped fibre supplementation couldn’t be more important!

The best way to get adequate fibre intake is a combination of supplemental fibre and dietary fibre from fruit, veg, nuts and seeds. Contrary to popular belief grain fibre, such as wheat bran is not the best fibre, in fact I would deem it the worst, most grains inflame the gut lining and do more harm than good when it comes to health and fat loss! Another thing to note is that the body becomes resistant to fibre after approximately 8 days of continual usage so it’s crucial that fibre sources are rotated in order for them to continue to work.

Fibre fat loss protocol
This is a fibre protocol that I have used successfully with clients over the years.  All followers under my care have reported improved gut health, better energy levels and, after a Biosignature assessment, they always have leaner legs!

Day 1 – 7: take 1 dessert spoon of ground flaxseed with 250ml of water before breakfast and before evening meal

Day 8 – 14: take 1 dessert spoon of physillium Husk with 250ml of water before breakfast and before evening meal

Day 15 – 21: take 1 dessert spoon of apple fibre with 250ml of water before breakfast and before evening meal

On day 22: repeat cycle of ground flaxseed…

For a full dietary plan or for my advice on getting leaner hips or thighs in the shortest time possible contact me on either 07725532179 or email me

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