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Maximising Fat Loss – Tip 2

By 25 April , 2013Fat Loss, Uncategorized

Training tips to maximise fat loss

Workout density and intensity – it is important to combine maximum workout density with maximum intensity to optimise results. What I simply mean by this is; do as much as you can in a given workout time and take each exercise set to complete failure. This is best achieved by doing supersets. Supersets involve doing two resistance exercises (usually working opposing muscle groups) back to back with no rest. This method gives one group of muscles a rest while another is working. Do this right and your heart rate will be high and this facilitates a higher calorie burn.

My favourite supersets are a lower body exercise with an upper body exercise, for example Barbell squat superset with Dumbell shoulder press, do each set to failure on a given rep range then rest for 1 min and repeat the superset twice over. For more information on programming your workouts for maximum fat loss contact me at

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