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Maximising Fat Loss – Tip 1

By 21 April , 2013Fat Loss, Uncategorized

This week I am looking at 4 important training tips to maximise fat loss.

Train with weights – the most effective way to train for fat loss is weight training, here’s why: weight training increases lean muscle which speeds up metabolism and burns more fat just to carry around, we’re not talking 50lbs of muscle here ladies, just 2 – 4lbs of extra muscle can have a profound difference on metabolic rate and daily calorie expenditure. Unlike steady state cardiovascular training, such as walking or swimming, not only do we burn calories during weight training but our metabolic rate is raised for up to 48 hours after a productive weights session, this means you continue to burn fat while you rest! Maybe most importantly weight training promotes insulin sensitivity, insulin sensitivity is the key to being lean!

Think of a friend who eats loads of junk food but still has a 6 pack, they are insulin sensitive! Their body only needs to produce small amounts of the storage hormone insulin to deal with blood sugar rises, this means the sugar is being driven into where we want it, the muscles and liver, rather than fat cells! Weight training makes the insulin receptors on the muscle more prepared to react to insulin meaning more energy and less fat storage! For more information on programming your workouts for maximum fat loss contact me at

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