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Connection Between Sleep and Fat Loss

By 27 April , 2013Fat Loss, Uncategorized

The connection between sleep and fat loss

Sleep is essential for concentration and energy levels but can also have a profound effect on performance, health and fat loss efforts. Sleep deprivation has been linked with insulin resistance, fat gain, carb cravings, poor recovery, muscle loss and lower levels of anabolic hormones.

Studies suggest that if you are sleep deprived you may see a reduction in your ability to burn fat, reduced aerobic and anaerobic performance, as well as a reduction in strength. Studies on sleep deprivation have shown that even short term, it can cause weight gain, impaired fat metabolism and hunger control. Inadequate rest and recovery can completely undermine your dietary and gym efforts . (Taheri, Lin, Austin, Young, & Mignot, 2004)*

The bottom line is that poor sleep quality will impair adaptation from training as well as efforts to improve body composition, whether your goal is to lose fat, build muscle or both.

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