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Stay lean over Christmas.

1. Sprinkle cinnamon on every dessert and chocolates.

Cinnamon lowers the blood glucose response from meals and increases insulin sensitivity; this simply means the body will favour storing the calories in the muscles and liver rather than the fat cells. If you don’t like Cinnamon take  1 capsule of Gluco- chrome ( before each high carb meal; this is a great product for improving insulin sensitivity and can help discourage fat storage!

2. Have an extra serving of turkey!

Fill up on meat on Christmas Day. Turkey is really high in protein; 30% of the calories consumed from protein will be burnt up to digest and absorb it which means it has a high thermogenic effect leading to an elevated metabolism and less fat stored!

Craig Barton PT. November 17, 2015


3. Don’t stop training – especially with weights.

Weight training will boost metabolism and promote insulin sensitivity; a great thing to do before the office Christmas party is to have a workout! Remember that weight training can increase your resting metabolic rate for up to 48 hours. Excess glucose will be sent to the muscles and not the fat cells.

4. Take a brisk walk or even jog for 30 mins on an empty stomach Christmas morning.

This will create a calorie deficit and deplete muscle glycogen stores before Christmas dinner. These will have to be replenished by your meal before the body can store calories as fat.

Optimal Christmas Day

Wake up – 30 min brisk walk/ jog

Starter – choose prawn cocktail/ scallops or vegetable soup (avoid the bread)

Drink -water with ice

Main – big serving of turkey and lots of vegetables

Dessert – 2 gluco chrome caps – followed by anything you like : ) just try and make it gluten free

After dinner – 30 mins walk with family and friends

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