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The Power of Nutrition

I’m lucky enough to meet new clients fairly often and the basis of early conversations is always nutrition. What are you eating? When are you eating it?  How much of it are you eating?  Discussion is usually followed up with a detailed (but non-invasive) hormone analysis and this allows me to restructure the clients nutrition with a specific end goal in mind. The power of nutrition cannot be understated.

Body Transformations

People attempt body transformations for a variety of reasons:

  • Weddings
  • Christmas
  • Summer holidays
  • To get rid of baby weight
  • Life long dream
  • To target a specific area of the body eg tummy
  • To improve health in general
  • To alleviate specific medical concerns
  • Photoshoots
  • Bodybuilding Competitions

I recently helped 2 colleagues of mine who set about transforming themselves in preparation for a photo shoot. As PT’s themselves they are no strangers to the gym, however their nutrition required structure and guidance. Professional help brings knowledge and motivation. The fortnightly meetings involved measurements and food diaries which allowed me to change their macro-nutrient quantities and timings to continually push their bodies into achieving the desired outcome.

Both Paul and Iain came away with amazing body transformations after 12 and 8 weeks respectively.

Paul Cook – Body fat – 22% down to 10.8%   Fat loss equivalent – 27.5 lbs (2 stone)


“His understanding of my starting point, where I wanted to go with my physique combined with his unrivalled nutritional knowledge meant that I was following a nutritional plan that i was comfortable with and more importantly was getting results”

Iain Maynard – Body fat down 11% to 4.5%. Visual increase in muscle mass equates to 9kg over 4 months



“I want to thank my coach Craig Barton PT, for getting me to the condition I was in for the shoot, your nutrition plan and advice was second to none and I couldn’t have achieved it with out you brother!” Iain

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For more information on body transformations and nutrition packages please visit here.

Thank you to Bailey Photography.