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Brides Guide to a Beautiful Body

Over the years I have trained many brides to be. Some of them have been existing clients, some have come to me specifically to get in shape for their big day.  Without doubt, brides are some of my most committed and driven clients. Why? The answer is ‘they have a goal’. 

Why are goals so important?

  1. Goals drive us
  2. Goals pick us up when we are down
  3. They give us direction
  4. They help us measure our progress and adapt  our approach
  5. They tell us whether we have been successful or not


A physical objective backed up by an emotional one is a winning combination. Very often brides have tried and failed where body composition is concerned and their wedding day represents that ‘golden shot’ at achieving their dream look.



Is my advice for brides different to my other clients?

Nutrition, training and supplement advice should ALWAYS be bespoke. This is because each person has a unique hormonal picture and will respond differently to certain foods and exercise regimes.

I have noticed over the years that brides often talk about stress and skin quality as well as body composition. For brides signing up to a body composition package I make time to discuss stress reduction techniques and also look at any food intolerances that may cause skin complaints. Brides are traditionally short on time so I also provide them with a starter meal plan to help them in the early days.

No time for the gym?

If your work pattern doesn’t allow for easy gym visits, there are certain exercises I would recommend you do at home.  Done in a circuit they give you your best ‘bang for your buck’ and should help you get some definition when accompanied by the right diet.

  1. Dumbell lunge
  2. Dumbell Romanian Deadlift
  3. Dumbell Single Arm Row
  4. Press-ups (3 quarter)



Top tips for the week before your big day.

1.Avoiding Water retention

Consider natural diuretics, take a good quality Vitamin C and Taurine .Vitamin C is also a potent antioxidant and taurine is calming.

2. Reducing Bloating

Avoid common food intolerances, namely gluten and dairy. Also avoid eating lots of high fibrous vegetables, for example broccoli and cabbage the day before and on the day.

3. Reducing Stress

Consider taking an adrenal support and magnesium glycinate.  If time practice some yoga to support your body and help reduce overall stress.

4. Sleep is key!

Get 8 hours. Crucial for skin health, fat loss and stress reduction. Avoid ‘blue light’ exposure late at night from mobiles, tablets and laptops. Apple iPhones can be switched onto ‘night shift mode’ to filter out blue light.


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