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Are toxins making you fat!?

By 9 October , 2013Diet, Uncategorized

We live in a highly toxic society, we are exposed to 1000’s of toxic chemicals on a daily basis, these range from pesticides in our food to beauty products we rub on our skin. The major organ that deals with these toxins is the liver. Signs of liver toxicity include bad breath, a coated tongue, brain fog, feeling bloated and finding the smell of perfume or petrol offensive. So how does liver toxicity make you fat?

  • The liver can only deal with a certain amount of toxins at one time, when the liver becomes overloaded / overworked then toxins are stored in the fat cells, the higher the level of toxicity, the more fat the body is likely to lay down in order to store the excess toxins.
  • An overworked liver can, and often does, become unable to perform one of its crucial functions, efficient conversion of the inactive thyroid hormone T4 to the active form, T3. The result is a slowing of the body’s metabolism and typically this causes symptoms such as tiredness, fatigue, depression and of course fat storage

Trying to lose weight with your body in a toxic state will make it very difficult for the body to burn fat. If you’re struggling to lose fat you must first eradicate as much exposure as possible to toxins and then support the liver’s detoxification pathways, this should immediately promote fat loss.

Things you can do right away…

  1. Eat clean – avoid all processed food, alcohol and excess caffeine
  2. Choose organic food where possible to minimise pesticide exposure
  3. Choose natural beauty and cleansing products, avoid products that contain parabens and phthalates particularly.
  4. Drink out of a BPA free container, these are very easy to find.
  5. Avoid non – stick cookware, use cast iron or ceramic instead, never cook with plastic.

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